Dubai Rental Guide

Guide to Renting in Dubai

Step by Step Guide to Renting in Dubai

Find a Property
Call My Island Real Estate (MIRE) for expert advice and options.

Make an Offer
Once you’ve found your ideal home your MIRE consultant will manage the offer process to ensure you secure the best possible deal. When making your offer please consider the ability to pay with fewer cheques normally commands greater flexibility with the annual rent. Typically, for an offer to be accepted you will need to lodge a security deposit with your consultant – this will remove your new home from the marketplace.

Sign the Contract
After you have provided a copy of your passport and valid residency visa (employer confirmation your visa is being processed is also acceptable), our consultant will prepare the tenancy agreement. With several years UAE experience, My Island Real Estate have developed a comprehensive tenancy contract, designed to protect both you and the landlord. Your MIRE consultant will guide you through the tenancy agreement; you are required to sign three copies. The rent cheques and the professional fee are all issued at this point.

Landlord Countersigns
Once the landlord has signed, your cheques (inc security deposit) are released to their custody – you will be provided with receipts. At this stage contact details are exchanged between you and your landlord. In addition to providing you with your tenancy agreement, you will also be furnished with the owner’s passport and property title deed.

Register DEWA
Your consultant will provide you with all documents required to register your new DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) account. You will need to visit an office in person and lodge a refundable security deposit (AED 2,000.00). Your account is normally live within 24hrs.

Register EJARI
You are required to register your tenancy agreement with RERA, using the same documents required to register for DEWA, and the DEWA receipt itself. This contract is normally issued from any of the numerous typing centers within Dubai. Again, your consultant will advise on the process.

Register Cable TV & Broadband
Armed with your Ejari contract you are now able to register for the essentials – TV & internet!

Register for Moving Permit
Subject to the area you are moving to, the area developer may have a required list of documents you are required to provide prior to moving day. Once more, your trusty MIRE specialist will jump to your aid and guide you through process.

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