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Marina Residences are located centrally near all facilities and entertainment of the Palm Jumeirah. Situated at the end of the Trunk of the Palm Jumeirah you will find the 6 buildings of the Marina Residences. The building have a typical Arabian architecture on the outside. Each residence has 15 floor and you can choose from 4 types of apartments and 3 types of penthouses. The apartments range from 168 to 398m2 and have 2 or 3 bedrooms. The penthouses have 2 floors and surfaces ranging from 595 to 1200m2. At the penthouse you can choose between 4 or 5 bedrooms. Both the penthouses as well as the apartments have own balconies with great views of the Palm and Palm Marina.


Type:   Apartments and Penthouses
Units:  4 types of Apartments and 3 types of Penthouses
Style:   Arabic Architecture
Finishing:  Classic (buildings 2 and 5) and Contemporary (buildings 1, 3, 4 and 6)
Floor Area: 168 – 1200m2 (1.808 – 12.908 sq.ft.)
Number of floors:  15 floors

Number of bed/bathrooms:

2 bed- en bathrooms: 168 – 184 m² (1.808 – 1.981 sq ft)
3 bed- en bathrooms: 234 – 398 m² (2.519 – 4.293 sq ft)
4 bed- & bathrooms penthouse: 595 – 922 m² ( sq ft)
5 bed- & bathrooms penthouse: 1200 m² (12.908 sq ft)

Beach:  Al Shalal beach (against payment) in front of the Shoreline apts.
Swimming Pool:  Communal pool and recreation club
Parking:  Open parking lot in carpark
Price:  From AED 1,500,000*
Direct Payment:  85 – 90%
Handover:  Completed
Availability:  Available

*All prices are illustrative and are representative of the current market value.

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