Dubai International (DXB) retained its position as the world’s busiest airport for international customer numbers for the fifth consecutive year with annual traffic for 2018 surpassing 89.1 million.

Passenger traffic at Dubai totalled 89,149,387 in 2018, a one percent increase on 2017, and ahead of London’s Heathrow, which reached the 80 million in the past 12 months.

December saw a 1.7% decrease in passenger numbers, taking the average monthly traffic at the hub to 7.4 million for the year.

India was the busiest destination by passenger numbers, reaching 12,279,485, with Saudi Arabia second with 6,471,142 customers, followed closely by the United Kingdom with 6,284,771 customers.

Both Russia (1,533,654 – up by 14.5%) and China (3,512,075 – up 6%) saw significant growth during the year. Traffic from Eastern Europe was the fastest growing region with double-digit growth of 16.7%, followed by CIS at 12.9% and Africa growing 9.8%.

The top three cities were London (3,817,889), Mumbai (2,540,750) and Kuwait (2,194,576).

The introduction of more smart gates at DXB saw wait times were reduced by 28% in 2018.


Source :   Arabianbusiness